Foster Information

By fostering a pet from PHS, you are giving us the opportunity to care for more and more animals that need us. More importantly, you are helping that animal become more comfortable with home living and giving them the attention and the ability to heal and grow that they cannot always get in the shelter.

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Need a little more convincing? Read what we think are the top 5 reasons to become a foster hero.

1. Animals in foster homes tend to show their real personalities.

Animals in foster care are more likely to be less stressed and better socialized. Foster pets tend to come out of their shells and show their true personalities, making it easier to match them with their furever home.

2. Better chance of being adopted.

Not only is the animal less stressed while being in your home, but the time you are spending with the animal gives them a much greater chance at adoption. You are taking them for walks and sharing the adorable things they do on social media which means they are more likely to be shared and seen by people who might not normally see this pet. Making the animals chance of adoption much greater.

3. They get to stretch their legs.

Just like us, cats and dogs need exercise to stay healthy and feeling good. While shelters do their very best to give animals adequate space to be active, there is often a whole lot more room to play in a home.

4. Fostering to know whether you are ready to adopt.

Adopting a pet is a big decision. If you are not sure if you are ready to take that step, fostering is a great way to test the waters. You will gain experience caring for a pet, so when you are ready to adopt, you will be more confident in that decision. 

5. Fostering saves lives.

When one animal leaves the shelter for a foster home, space is created for another homeless pet who needs a second chance. Some people say they could never foster a pet for fear of not being able to say goodbye when the pet gets adopted, but consider the alternative. It's important to remember by opening your home to a foster pet, you are giving the animal a chance to be themselves and more likely to find the right match. Leaving your home, means they have found their furever home. More importantly, you are saving a life.


We pulled at your heart strings a little, didn't we? If you are ready to become a foster hero,
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