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Sunshine! Adoptable! (Click to see Facebook for info!)

The Posey Humane Society
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Welcome to the Posey Humane Society website. The Posey Humane Society (PHS) is a 501(C) organization that serves Posey County in Southern Indiana.

PLEASE help us get a NEW WASHING MACHINE. We have need of a GOOD, STRONG, INDUSTRIAL STRENGTH washing machine!!!

Any amount, even $5, will help us toward our goal of $500.

THANK YOU for your continuing support!your help!!
We can really use some "Wish List" help now - we are entering serious "Kitten and Puppy Season" and that means we need kitten food, puppy food, and kitty litter!

(Plus we can REALLY use heartworm, flea & tick treatment - please visit our "wish list" page!)

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Your license plate can show you're pet friendly! An extra $40 puts compassion on your license plate with $25 of it going directly to spay and neuter Hoosier pets. The Pet Friendly license plate is available at www.myBMV.com and at the BMV's customer service locations. Learn more about this initiative by visiting www.getthemfixed.org.

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